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Free Grocery Coupons

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As a consumer you can save hundreds of dollars every year by just using coupons. Shopping coupons sometimes can do more than allow you to get money off - they can even offer free stuff!

Here are some money saving tips for you:

  • Before going shopping.... Check the flyers for all supermarkets in your area. Not every store has the same item on sale.

  • Compare prices of similar items. Most stores offer their own store brand items for a cheaper price. Even if you have a coupon for a "brand name" item it may be cheaper to buy the store item without a coupon.

  • Never buy an item just because you have a coupon for it.

  • Some stores will double the face value of grocery coupons up to a dollar. This offer is usally for a limited time only or on a particular day of the week. So if you have a coupon for fourty cents off an item, you now get eighty cents off instead.

  • Make a shopping list and gather the coupons you want to use before heading to the store. Not only will it save you time at the market, you'll most likely avoid buying items you don't need.

  • Some stores also have a coupon exchange, where you can trade coupons that you donít need for others that you can use from other costumers.
    If your store doesn't offer a coupon exchange you can easily start your own coupon exchange club at your workplace, school, neighbors...

  • Some stores offer special discounts or coupons that you can print online. Make sure you check before heading out to the store.

  • Don't shop when you are hungry; it will just make you buy more food, snacks - things you don't need but it looks "oh so good"!

  • Getting a wholesale membership often pays off even if you have to pay a membership fee. Not only do many wholesale stores offer in store coupons you can also combine those coupons with your own coupons. Sometimes they even offer bonus items for free if you buy a certain item (again don't buy an item if it's not on your list just because you get something for free).

  • Don't get the Sunday paper? Look online for coupons. and redplum are a couple of many websites offering print free coupons. You can also use a search engine by typing in the "merchant name" and type "discount coupon code".

  • Don't want to leave your house to go shopping? Sometimes merchants offer free shipping. Before checking out, make sure you type in the "merchants name + discount codes". Often you'll find 10-20% off offers and free shipping.

    How much did you save today? Most retailers will print on the receipt how much you actually saved that day shopping. Keep track - in the long run, you'll be surprised at how much you can save just by taking the time to clip a coupon!

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